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I get a ton of questions about my health & beauty regimen so today I'm sharing my daily go to products- you know the stuff I just can't live without! With the cost of organic foods and vitamins SO high, I figured I would help you navigate what vitamins you can supplement with to feel overall more balanced. I have a pretty basic list of what I look for when buying health products:

  1. Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients

  2. Is it Certified Organic

  3. Is it Kosher (NO Porcine Gelatin)

  4. Vegan & Cruelty Free *Double Points*

  5. Whole Food Based or Better Yet RAW

  6. No Synthetic Ingredients

  7. Limited to No Caffeine

  8. Probiotics are Always a Bonus

  9. No Artificial Dyes

  10. No Synthetic or White Sugar Coating

I know this seems like a long ways from the Flintstone's Gummies we used to eat as children, but don't be discouraged yet. I did all the trial and error so you won't have to. See the items listed below on my Amazon Wishlist:


  1. This Echinacea & Goldenseal Tincture -

These 2 herbs are renown for boosting your immune system. I really love tinctures because they allow the herbal properties to be released into your blood stream in approximately 15 minutes. Tinctures can be taken sublingually, meaning directly under the tongue for quick membrane absorption. Echinacea helps with the common cold or flu. However, it’s also used to treat pain, inflammation, migraines and other health issues. Goldenseal works in conjunction with these flowers by supporting "digestive function & promoting beneficial gut microbial populations while inhibiting the growth of pathogens. In addition to inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, goldenseal may mitigate the effects of those bacteria that do survive" helping to promote balanced gut flora. This is according to this helpful article that goes more into detail about specific benefits of the herb.

To recap, I recommend grabbing a bottle of this powerful tincture to have on hand for the fall or any sicknesses that may try to wear you down. It's pretty bitter but if you mix one dropper full with alkaline water or a REAL juice you won't even taste it! I give this amazon quick pick 5/5 for affordable price, long lasting amount of the tincture, and ease of ingestion.

  1. Trace Mineral Drops -

So as most of us know we can put our bodies into overdrive and begin lacking proper nutrients. But on a deeper cellular level we truly lack trace minerals, essentially important yet forgotten trace elements from the earth that help our cells perform at an optimal level. Think of trace minerals like giving your car a brand new battery and fresh oil change. It includes magnesium, potassium, and over 72 other ionic minerals.

I love these particular trace mineral drops because they can easily be added to a cup or gallon of water and are virtually tasteless. Some may notice a small aftertaste of club soda like flavor but that is usually only if you add a few extra drops. I rate these drops 5/5 because I always have more energy when I incorporate them into my day, they seem to last forever, and I know I'm doing my part to take care of my cells.

  1. Valerian Root Capsules -

Valerian root is one of my favorite herbs for many reasons. To start, it supports healthy circulation, promotes restfulness, and is said to ease cravings such as nicotine. This herb comes in many forms and can be taken as a tincture or tea but I prefer these easy to take, tasteless, vegetarian capsules. I would buy these again and rate them 4/5 only because it takes about an hour or two for you to feel sleepy before bed. However, if you avoid eating and blue light (screen time) then you will probably feel the effects more quickly. Sometimes I will even dump out a capsule into water and drink it for faster sleep. It is entirely plant based so there are virtually no "addictive" properties.

  1. Liquid Chlorophyll -

So, my sister was the one who introduced this liquid supplement to me. Believe it or not she saw it on a #tiktok video and it was one of the recommendations that is actually worth a try. According to this article in Healthy Natural World, "Chlorophyll is a naturally-occurring pigment found in plants and especially in green leafy vegetables. Chlorophyll has many health benefits due to its high level of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Taking liquid chlorophyll can help to detoxify your body, lose weight, build red blood cells, and is good for your skin." It has coined the reputation of being a liquid deodorant because it helps scrub your digestive tract and eliminate toxins that cause abnormal sweat scents. Remember our sweat glands and body odors tell us a lot about our overall health! This one gets a 5/5 because I like it's minty taste and it's a powerful herbal supplement that delivers on what it claims!

I hope you enjoyed these product reviews and the herbal information I found on them. Try some of these recommendations in your own wellness routine and you will be happy with how much better you feel! I have linked my Amazon List and each of these items individually where they are underlined above. Please feel free to email me at with any questions or feel free to comment on the blog! I love finding products and vitamins that make me motivated to be as healthy as I can be from the inside out, but even more I love sharing them with you. Make sure you subscribe to the Cush Castle mailing list so you don't miss a new product or blog.

photo of me courtesy of the archives est. 2014

I wanted to end by sharing this photo as a reminder that everything is not as it seems. It this photo, pre-motherhood I appeared healthy but I was not in fact 'healthy'. I was binge drinking, partying, and eating junk!

They say your metabolism tends to catch up with you and let me tell you it did! After having my twins Zephaniah & Mikah in 2016 I got up to 198lbs. For my 5 foot 2 frame it caused back pain among other discomforts. I was unhappy and unhealthy again in 2018 and that is when I started studying herbology and nutrition. I've come a long way since this photo, and since who I was in prior years. My main goal as a blogger and author is to inspire self-love and self education in medicine and holistic wellness. Thanks for the support by following my journey, stay happy and healthy!


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